Adding a Form
I want people to be able to enter information, which I need from them, directly on my website. What can I do?

1. Open the jotform site at


2. Sign up for a free account. If you already have an account, log in using your username and password.


3. To create a new form, click "New" at the top left corner.


4. Then choose the type of form you want to use on your website and click next.


     Note: If you want to create your own form choose the blank form.


5. Now, choose the color style you would like for your form and click finished.


6. Click Save


7. Then click the share button located on the menu and choose to

        Share Your Form on Your Site

8. Make sure you copy the first area of HTML the page gives you.


        Option 1: Embed Form into Your Site


9. Log in to your website and choose the page on which you would like the form to appear.


10. Open up any EZ-Edit button and click on the HTML tab located at the bottom left corner.


11. Paste your HTML code in here click done.


12. Finally, click "Save" to save all your new information.







Sample Form



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