vCHURCHESTM, a division of VCITYTM, Inc., was established with one goal in mind...

To provide churches and ministries with the most affordable and efficient web site solution. We have conducted research with pastors and youth workers across the country to ensure that vCHURCHES is the most comprehensive web site solution on the market. As a software development company, vCHURCHES will continue to innovate and engineer even greater value into our website solution by adding functionality and tools which will make it even more useful and reliable.

vCHURCHES was developed in partnership with churches and ministries, both large and small. We take great pride in our solution and have developed an open dialogue with all of our customers to better our product. Please feel free to email support@vchurches.com with comments and suggestions. We value each and every comment, and use these suggestions to help us create a solution which better fits your needs.



      WE PROMISE that your price will not change during your contract. You will not be surprised with hidden fees, hosting fees, additional charges for usage or customer service. Our price includes everything you need to get online and stay online.

WE PROMISE that your satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated customer service team will be available to you at no additional cost to help you create and maintain your website. vCHURCHES is known for its superior customer service and commitment.

WE PROMISE that you will never need to learn to program or how to write HTML code. Our user interface is so user friendly, that you will be able to manage your site with a simple click of a mouse.

WE PROMISE to always increase the value of our service by adding new features and retooling our solution to meet the needs of your growing ministry. Whenever possible, these upgrades will be available to you at no extra cost.

WE PROMISE to serve the church community with integrity and purpose.


"It didn't take me long to be impressed with the fact that vCHURCHES is the easiest service that I have ever seen!"

Steve Hewitt, Editor
Christian Computing Magazine
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