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vCHURCHES provides a new and dynamic approach to creating church websites on a budget. Churches basically have three options to gain a presence on the web: Create it yourself, hire someone to build it or use a template. For the most part, templates are a cheap option in every sense of the word: They dont cost much, but they usually dont look very good either. vCHURCHES took the templating approach and married it with good design concepts to come up with a plan for any size church to have a nice website and be able to update it themselves. Through vCHURCHES, a church can have this without much expense or programming knowledge. There are two huge advantages of vCHURCHES: ease of use and flexibility. vCHURCHES was designed in such a way that you do not even need to know HTML to edit it! Simply log in to your website through an administrator account and edit whatever you like. .ey will even take the time to walk you through the process and let you know its capabilities. As part of our review, vCHURCHES Director David Urabe took us through a conference call just as he would do for a church client. In about 40 minutes, we saw that everything that you can do to edit your website is very simple, powerful and customizable. Historically, when a company makes a product super easy-to-use, it means a loss in flexibility. They sacrifice what the system could potentially do so more people can use it. Not so with vCHURCHES. Their web-based system is surprisingly flexible. You can change the layout, the color scheme, or even the different pages you have on the site. Page changes automatically update the navigation menu. This is perfect for a smaller church without much of a web budget, or even a medium or large church that hasnt been able to dedicate resources to web design and updating. The downside always inherent in templates is that you are limited to the choices the designers give you. You cant have the same flexibility as you would if you designed it yourself or contracted out. vCHURCHES overcomes this to a degree by offering a range of choices. Since they are web-based, they can update these choices to keep up with design trends. vCHURCHES offers a 30-day trial of their service. They will put up a website and let you play around with it to see if this will work for you. vCHURCHES also gives you a free domain name as a subdomain of their site. However, if you want your own domain name (and you probably will), they will assist you in finding and registering that domain name, all without additional cost. For less than $50 a month, your church can have all of this service plus whatever they think up next. So far, vCHURCHES has been able to make new features of their service available without increasing the cost. To check them out, go to
"It didn't take me long to be impressed with the fact that vCHURCHES is the easiest service that I have ever seen!"

Steve Hewitt, Editor
Christian Computing Magazine
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