Scrolling Text

 Click below to find out how to get this on your website.

Click for scrolling marquee codes.



Steps to follow:


1.Click on the on the link above to choose the type of scrolling html you would like on your website.


2. Choose the "scrolling type" you  would like, and copy the code provided to you within the box next to it.


3. Now, log in to your website and choose the page on which you would like the text to appear.


4. Open up any ez- edit box and click on the html tab


5. Then, right click on your mouse and paste your code.


6. Click on the normal tab now and double click on the text which appears.


7. Type in the text which you would like to have scroll, then choose the text style and color you want.


8. Click done, then save, and you will now see your text scrolling across the page. 

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