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Embed a site meter on your website  


1. Go to and click on sign up under the Site Meter Free Basic located in the box on the left.


2. When you get to the next page, make sure you sign up for the Free Site Meter (top box), not the premium.


3. Enter the information required and click next


4. Now, type in your email address, zip code, and gender.


5. Choose the title as other and click next.


6. This page will show you your information. (Click back if you need anything changed) Otherwise click next.


7. When you get to the next page click on the manager option located on the gray bar.


8. Then click on meter style located on the menu. Choose the meter style you would like and click save.


9. Then click on the privacy level option on the menu and choose "HIGH" for this setting so that visitors will not be able to see your information if they click on the meter for your website. Then click Save.


10. You may select the beginning number for your meter by clicking on "Starting Count" located on the menu.


11. Enter the number on which you would like the meter to begin and click save.


12. Now, click on the HTML code and copy the code.


13. Log into your website and click on the edit button for your home page.


14. Scroll down to the bottom and click the EZ-Edit button for the welcome paragraph.


15. Click the HTML tab on the bottom left, paste your code and click done.


16. Then click "save" to save all of your changes and log out.


17. When you go to your domain name, you will see the site meter at the bottom of your home page.



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