Do I need to know how to program HTML or use special software?
NO! vCHURCHES is the easiest solution on the market. There are three simple steps to follow to create your website, with easy to fill in boxes and a very intuitive process to follow. All you need is an Internet connection. It's easy as 1-2-3! However, if you do want to use HTML on your website, you can do so by clicking on any ez-edit box and then clicking on the HTML tab in the bottom left corner of the ez-edit box. Then you can either type in HTML or paste HTML in the box.


Can I upload photos?
Absolutely! Our solution automatically sizes photos onto each page of your site. They do not need to be sized perfectly. Simply be sure that all of the photos which you upload are in JPEG, GIF, or animated GIF format. These are web friendly file formats. If your photos are larger than normal it may take a few seconds longer to upload than the average size picture (which is 72 DPI resolution and 400 x 400 pixels).

How do I place audio/video clips on my vCHURCHES website?
Your audio & video clips should be 18 Megabytes maximum length, which is approximately 25-35 minutes for voice (FM quality 64 Kbps - Near CD quality 96 Kbps) or 15-20 minutes of music (Near CD quality 96 Kbps-CD quality 128 Kbps). This length will allow acceptable website performance. Some common audio files are MP3, WAV, MPEG, MIDI, SND and AIFF. Video files are MPEG1-4, MOV, WMA, AVI, QT, MOVIE, and RM. To upload your audio or video file, simply add a sermons page or video page, and scroll down to where you see Audio/Video file and click on the upload button to the right of it. Then click on the browse button. Simply upload the file from your desktop and click on the save button.

I lost my password. How do I retrieve it?
For security purposes, we will need to send that password via email to the address we have on record for you. Call us or email to request your password, and we will get your information to you by email in one-business day's time.

Will vCHURCHES work with any browser?
vCHURCHES websites can be viewed in any browser. The vCHURCHES application (the area after login) will work with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari for Mac users. It works best with Internet Explorer 7.


I keep getting logged off when I try to edit my website.  I lose all the information when it does this. What can I do?

First, open up your internet explorer. 


Second, click on help and scroll down to the bottom where it mentions Internet Explorer.  Click on that and it should open a new window.  This window should say "E Windows Internet Explorer 7". If it says anything different, give us a call, and we will get you the  

necessary upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. If it does say "Internet Explorer 7," then perfect!  Let's move on to the next step.


Close everything out.


Next, open a new window. Next to the help button, there is a Tools button. Click it, go down to Internet Options, then Security, and then you will see a green check mark with trusted sites underneath.  Click on the check mark, then click on Sites.  Enter and hit Add.


Now, when you are trying to edit your website, you should no longer get logged off.


What is the name server information I need in order to setup my domain for my vCHURCHES website?

A nameserver is a program or computer that translates names from one form into another. For example, a Domain Name Server (also called a 'host server') performs the mapping of domain names to IP numbers. The name server information for vCHURCHES is as follows:


Why are the boxes on my vCHURCHES website empty?


The three 'feature' boxes located at the bottom or right of your site are for three different content offerings: Verse of the Day, Announcements, Quote of the Day. On some layouts, these boxes will not appear if you did not add content to these pages. You can choose these pages in Step 1 of Site Builder. Once you pick these pages, you need to fill them out with information. If the boxes show up and appear blank, they may have some html left over after deleting the content. Just click on the html tab on the bottom left hand corner to make sure everything is deleted.


What can I do if I cannot find a username that I like when creating a new account?

Select any name on the list and send us an email with the username and recommended new name. If possible, we will change the name for you (all names must be unique). If you would like your email address to be different from your usernames, we can create that for you. You can either call us or email us at with this request. Please be sure to include the name of your website, the current username, and what you would like you email address to be.

Can I use Outlook or other email reader to read my email?

We at vCHURCHES believe in simplicity. That's why we made certain that our emails have POP3 capability. That means that you can use any POP3 email reader (such as Microsoft Outlook or Oultook Express) to read your email!


Click here to find out how



How do I rename and reorder the titles of my menu items that appear in the navigation menu on my site?

1.You can change the names of your vCHURCHES website menu items by clicking on the “Edit Menu” button near the bottom of your navigation menu.


2.You can select desired pages from the “Available Menu Items” menu. Under the “Selected Menu Items” you will find the pages you have selected to be on your website.


3. Reordering is as easy as selecting the menu item you would like to move and clicking on the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons depending on where you want that menu item to be.


4. To rename menu items, simply select the menu item you would like to rename and enter the new name in the area labeled “Rename Menu Item” located below your “Selected Menu Items.” Be sure to click the “Rename” button to save the new name.


5. Once you are done, click the “Save” button to save all of your changes.

Do I have to be at a specific computer to change the content of my site?
NO. vCHURCHES is a web-based solution which allows users to access their account from any computer with Internet access. A church doesn't even need to have a computer. Church staff can create their website at any local library with free Internet access. You will have a web address, a unique username and password which will give you exclusive access to your website.


"It didn't take me long to be impressed with the fact that vCHURCHES is the easiest service that I have ever seen!"

Steve Hewitt, Editor
Christian Computing Magazine
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