Setting up a PayPal Account
I'm having trouble with PayPal?




Open Internet Explorer and go to .


 Here you will see five buttons, "Home", "Personal", "Business", "Product & Services" and "Developers". Click on business 


This will take you to a page listing the many features that PayPal has to offer. When you have finished reading these features select "create account" which is located in the upper left hand corner of the page.


Now you will have three options to use choose from. Choose the Business Option.


When you get to the next page choose "website payment standard" as your payment solution.


You are now on step 1 of 3 in the registration process. You will be given a summary of what to expect from the upcoming 2 steps. Under step 1 click the "GO" button.


Enter the requested information into the available fields. When finished, click "Continue".


This will take you to another page asking for information. Enter the requested information. Make sure to click in the boxes marked "I agree to the user agreement…" and "I have read my rights…" Verify the word at the bottom of the page and click continue.


Now you will enter your banking information and select "Continue".


PayPal will send you an email to verify that the address you entered was accurate. Click the included link and enter your password. Your account is now confirmed.


To add PayPal to you vCHURCHES website, follow these steps:


1. Log in to your website.


2. Add a donations page if you have not added one yet.


3. Click the edit button towards the right side of the donations page.


4. You can add a description if you would like. Then scroll down to where you see pay pal id and type in the email address you provided when you signed up for your pay pal account.


5. Click save when finished.


Now your donate now link will open up a paypal form where members and visitors can donate using their credit cards.


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