Resizing/Compressing Audio Files
Steps on resizing audio files: 


1. Open up iTunes


2. If you don’t have iTunes, download it for free at


3. Click on Edit on the navigation bar at the top.


4. Then click on preferences.


5. Now click on the advanced tab


6. Then click on the importing tab


7. Where it says "Import Using": Choose MP3 because it works the best.


8. Select Custom for your settings


9. A window saying mp3 encoder will pop up


Note: Depending on how big the file is currently, change the stereo bit rate by clicking on the drop down menu next to the file size and choosing a smaller size than it is now, preferably 56 kbps or less.


Note: If a file is bigger that 200 kbps, compress it to a suitable size and click Ok.


11. Your Library should have 2 of the same file.


12. Right click on the second file.


13. Then click convert selection to MP3


Note: After it is done converting, then right click it again.  Choose "get info," and the size should be 15 mpgs or less

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