Adding A "You Tube" Video to Your Website

  1. Find the YouTube video you would like to use on your website at


  1. Select the share and then the embed button, and copy all of the information in the dialog box below.  It will look something like this:

<iframe  height="315" src=""0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


  1. Login to your vCHURCHES website and select any section which accepts writing to display your video (ie. the “welcome” section of the homepage). 


  1. Open that page in edit mode and go to the chosen section and press the HTML button and paste the embed code which you have copied into this section. 


  1. After the video identification code (ie. pb8cFnfQ22Y?) replace the remaining code with the following autoplay code:

autoplay=1 loop=1” frameborder=”0” width=“420”></iframe>


  1. When your code is complete, it should look something like this:

 <iframe height="315"src=" autoplay=1 loop=1” frameborder=”0” width=“420”></iframe>


  1. Press the “Save” button on vCHURCHES webpage and refresh to hear and see your song play.


  1. Now, when anyone logs into your website, they will hear and see your selected video within moments.  And you have the ability to change that video as often as you like!
"It didn't take me long to be impressed with the fact that vCHURCHES is the easiest service that I have ever seen!"

Steve Hewitt, Editor
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