How to get a video file transferred to your computer?


If you are using a standard VHS, S-VHS, or 8MM camcorder you will need to buy a capture card for this.  This will allow you to take video from an analog source and convert it to a digital format, by recording it as a long stream of bits onto the hard-drive.



While a video clip can be saved as a raw file, we suggest not doing so, because of the vast amount of space this will use.  Use the software that comes with your camera or capture card to transfer the video onto the computer as a file, i.e. AVI, MOV, or MPEG.  A digital camera will most likely have a Firewire cable to do this, and a RCA adaptor or S- video cable can be used to connect the camcorder or VCR to the capture card. 



Sometimes the clip needs to be modified or tampered with.  In which case, there are video editing tools available for the computer.    These will enable you to edit everything from the color, to the length, to the overall look of the video.   Most digital video editing software has export features that allow you to choose the delivery mode.  This could facilitate the uploading of the video by using the same program. Here are some of the editing programs available:


iMovie Apple's inexpensive, and easy-to-use video editing software geared toward amateur or occasional video producers. iMovie's interface simplifies capturing, editing, and preparing video footage for delivery, but also allows you to create transitions, titles, and other special effects to enhance your movies. The built-in tutorial consists of a video project and is an excellent resource for people who want to get started quickly.

Intro DV
a great program for novices who need to get started quickly and who want a simple, interface to work with. This program uses a step-by-step approach to capturing, editing, and delivering video and has a comprehensive built-in help file that can get you started. While iMovie is an even easier software program to master, IntroDV is the next best thing for PC users.

Final Cut Pro
 is a Mac program that is simply an amazing tool.   This software is not targeted at novices. Although it is easy to learn basic techniques, Final Cut Pro is a full-featured video editing program that is used by video professionals in place of more expensive editing systems. While Final Cut Pro is a terrific piece of software, occasional users and beginners may find its many features daunting and unnecessary for creating simple videos. 

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
the PC equivalent to Final Cut Pro.  Adobe Premiere is a powerful and professional video editing program. Not necessarily for novices either.  It is expensive, but a very high quality software. 

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