Uploading a Custom Header
Would you like to create your own Custom Header?
What is a vCHURCHES CustomTop Header? A header is the top portion of a website. With vCHURCHES, you can easily upload your header into some of the layout styles. It's a simple way for you to create your own customized look to your site.
To create your own CustomTop header:  Use Photoshop or other image editing software. The header size is 750 pixels wide X 100 pixels high (approximately 10.4 inches wide X 1.4 inches high). The header must be in JPEG or GIF format. The resolution should be 72 dpi (dots per inch). Most images are between 150-300 or more dpi. By reducing the resolution, you will have a header that loads faster. The higher the resolution, the slower it will load.  Remember to use colors, imagery, and logo that match your current brand so that it is instantly recognizable.

In Edit mode, go into the Change Style tab and select "Choose layout style."  Select from one of the following layout styles: 
  • CustomTop1
  • CustomTop2
  • CustomTop3
  • CustomTop4
  • CustomTop5
  • CustomTop6
  • CustomTop7
  • CustomTop8
  • CustomTop9
  • CustomTop10
  • CustomTop11 

-Adding your CustomTop header to your site: within the "Home Page," choose to "Edit Header" from the tabs at the top of the page.  In the "Header" section, click on "Upload Header."  Browse your computer for the header you designed, select it and click open. When you see your file name appear in the box, click "Upload Header" and save.

Keep in mind that your "website name," "logo," and your "quote/slogan" will no longer appear, so be sure to include them in your header.
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